MicroMind, Inc.


Established in 1987, MicroMind has created breakthrough PC-based software products in programmers' tools, disability aids, 3D stereoscopic imaging, personal information management, and web browsing.

Products designed/created by MicroMind:

Published in 1998.  A personal information manager for all the short and important information plaguing your digital life (passwords, credit card numbers, CD keys, etc).  Taken off the market after some of its assets were sold to Apple Computer.

Shareware: $21.95

SlipKnot Logo SlipKnot

Published 1994+. World's first graphical Web browser for Windows which does NOT require TCP/IP, SLIP or PPP. Winner of the Ziff-Davis Award: Best Shareware Communications Program of 1995. Runner-up for: Best Overall Shareware Program of 1995.

Reviews from NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, NY Newsday, Byte, Internet World...

Shareware. $29.95
Please note: 10% of all SlipKnot revenues are donated to the International Rescue Committee and The Center for Victims of Torture.

OL2 and OL390 Published: 1990+. Personal information manager accessory for Sharp Electronics' Wizard series of Electronic Organizers. 270,000 copies sold to date.

Sold commercially by Sharp Electronics: $69 - $110.

StereoScopic Showcase Published 1993. World's first low-cost stereoscopic rendering system for PCs. The system is based on inexpensive LCD shutter glasses. Includes stereoscopic game, animation, stills and programmers' development library.

Sold commercially by 3D TV Corp. $250.

MagHerc Published 1988. Software text enlargement system for the visually impaired. Designed to work with all DOS-based programs such as WordPerfect, WordStar, etc.

Distributed by the United Nations.


Run/C Product cover

Published 1985. World's first full interpreter for the C language. Reviewed in PC Magazine, Dr. Dobb's and numerous other technical journals.

Published/Distributed by Lifeboat Associates 1985-1994. $125 - $250.



Published 1985. PC/Profiler is an execution-time code profiler requiring no change to source code or to the executable image. PC/Make is a "make" utility patterned after UNIX make and the C pre-processor.

Published/Distributed by Lifeboat Japan 1986-1989. $90

Custom version of PC/Profiler created for Intel, 1991 for distribution with its C-Builder C compiler.


US Patent 6,070,171
    Issue Date: 5/30/2000
    Title: Method and system for copy-tracking distributed software featuring tokens containing a key field and a usage field
    Inventor:     Peter P. Brooks, assignee: MicroMind, Inc.
    Link to US Patent Office

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Peter Brooks, Founder and President

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