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People who have an indirect or "shell" Internet account normally cannot gain access to the Web. But a new Windows shareware program called SlipKnot acts as a graphical Web browser for people who do not have a SLIP account.--Peter Lewis, The New York Times

Pure, unadulterated magic--Daniel Dern, Internet analyst and author, The Internet Guide For New Users (McGraw-Hill, 1994)

It's rather amazing that it works at all, and in fact it works pretty well...a nice way to see what you're missing out there on the Internet.--Daniel Akst, Postcard from Cyberspace, Los Angeles Times

...for those trapped with terminal-emulation access to the Internet and salivating at the new stuff they hear is on the Web, this product is simply miraculous.--Richard Seltzer, Internet-on-a-Disk

Browser Buys: Anyone who's had the luxury of full Internet access knows the World-Wide Web is great browsing territory. But for those who want to wander the Web and don't yet have access through a SLIP or PPP connection, there's now another way in: it's SlipKnot, a shareware browser ($29.95) that lets you do almost everything Netscape and NCSA Mosaic do--just at a slightly slower speed. --Carla Koehl and Barbara Kantrowitz, Newsweek (Cyberscope column)

More good news is that smart software developers are writing programs that can view the wonders of the web through low-speed dial-up accounts. If you can use lynx from your shell prompt, you can try SlipKnot--Margot Williams, Washington Post

SlipKnot has some excellent features that you won't find with Netscape, such as the ability to launch multiple retrievals in the background, store retrieved Web pages on your hard drive (with all links preserved) and view or display the pages offline...you should be happy with this near-the-leading-edge software. -- Robert Sanchez, NetGuide, Nov. 1995

Spurred by a desire to share the wonders of the Web with the vast dial-up population, developer Peter Brooks created SlipKnot....'We have a small lifetime worth of work in terms of features to include in the product,' Brooks confided. 'We will continue to improve it as time goes on.' --Dianna Husum, WEBster, the Cyberspace Surfer

SlipKnot obtains and displays information through Lynx, but can handle complete pages with graphics.--David L. Wilson, Information Technology, The Chronicle of Higher Education

One advantage is that whatever Web pages it gets, it keeps them until you decide to delete them. Once you're offline, you can go back and review pages you had browsed while online. You can keep as many pages as your available computer memory allows. SlipKnot is amazing. When it was first announced on Internet, I was skeptical whether such a program could work. Now, I'm a believer.--John Fisher, Bucks County Times Courier

The SlipKnot 1.13 browser...allows you to get a broad view of a Web site either on- or off-line. Spyglass and NCSA are adding a similar feature to their browsers, but SlipKnot lets users pick and choose what links they want downloaded. -- Byte, Jan. 1996

SlipKnot, an ingenious software product from Micromind Inc., of New York, is at the top of my list--'A grab bag of Internet tools worth keeping,' Jeff Frentzen, PC Week Navigator

Will SlipKnot cause a Web traffic explosion? SlipKnot is a MS-Windows Web browser that can be used with a dial-up shell account. Could this be the answer for those without a direct or Slip/PPP connection? SlipKnot is a very welcome addition to the Web tool box. It will make available the Web's graphical displays to a whole new group of Internet users.--Bob Stewart, The Virtual Mirror

Cheers to the inexpensive commercial [sic] product that allows Lynx users to download graphics files. -- Robert Sanchez, Internet World, Jan. 1996 (Best of 1995 Issue)

SlipKnot V1.1 is a cunning alternative to TIA, one that does not "install" anything more threatening than some text-only script files on the shell host system. ... clever shareware workaround that we adore here at Boardwatch.--David Hakala, "editor-at-fault," Boardwatch

Great news...a new and unusual browser...has many features the better-known TCP/IP browsers should have. A sophisticated browser and a real boon to dial-in Internet users who have been feeling left out of the Web brouhaha.--Peter Kent, Internet World (3 out of 4 possible spiders in IW's comparative roundup)

Extending the Web (sidebar to Web Browser product comparison): Here are just a few recent exciting Web-related developments ... Users of older shell Internet accounts will not be left out of the rush to join the Web ... Internet access software for Microsoft Windows users who don't have SLIP or access.--Richard Raucci, InfoWorld

An inexpensive and easy-to-use alternative to a SLIP connection--Karl Signell, Internet World

Its chief author, Peter Brooks...plans to sell SlipKnot as shareware. That means you download it free...try it out and if you decide to keep it, mail the programmer a check [or credit card]. Brooks plans to ask for $29.95. It's a steal....At the touch of a button, SlipKnot turned into a World Wide Web browser that in some ways worked better than Mosaic. It ran a little slower than Mosaic, but not much. And it works without the expense and trouble of a PPP account....SlipKnot is going to be a strong competitor.--Hiawatha Bray, Detroit Free Press, DFP Forum on Compuserve

The software has finally been released, and the response has been tremendous....SlipKnot could bring the Web into many classrooms for the first time...Easy to install.--Classroom Connect newsletter

...A major technological breakthrough. SlipKnot is, as people used to say, 'for the man or woman on the street,' and it, and its successor software, will invite millions more people to the Web's vibrant new culture.--Joyce Lain Kennedy, LA Times Syndicate author, in Hookup/Get Hired

One of the best features of this browser is its ability to retrieve documents in the background. According to MicroMind, SlipKnot is more than just a Web browser. This program allows for complete navigation of the Net and promises to bring Web access to almost all Internet users.--Patrick McKenna, Newsbytes

some dynamic capabilities...SlipKnot offers one feature none of its rivals have: the ability to browse the Web using any ordinary text-based UNIX or dial-up Internet account. --Internet Business Advantage

...visually appealing...an easy, quick way to get introduced to the Web.--Michelle Slatalla, New York Newsday

...we recommend it for those of you who want to browse graphically but don't have SLIP or PPP--Fringeware

Fast Forward (monthly supplement): The $30 shareware Windows applications SlipKnot lets you explore the World Wide Web, complete with graphics and sound, over a shell account--albeit slowly.--Rob Pegoraro, Washington Post

Online Update: A few programs have appeared to fill the void, including a remarkably good one for the Windows platform, MicroMind's SlipKnot. Of course keeping your Internet Service Provider happy is only half the battle. The real test is, of course, whether the program is any good. The answer in this case: Absolutely...In addition to offering very good graphics quality, SlipKnot is a considerate program--it can easily upgrade itself as new versions become available (with the user's permission naturally).--Jacqueline Kramer, BBS Magazine

SlipKnot highlighted in:

Unsolicited comments from beta testers

(E-mail addresses available on request)

SlipKnot is a godsend for those without slip.--Walter Rice, 11th grade student at Central High School, Philadelphia

I have really enjoyed SlipKnot. After trying for over a year to get Mosaic to work on my PC at home, I found SlipKnot easy to install and use.--Mike McKee

This is a fun program. A LOT of magazines lately have been talking about Internet and the world wide web - and almost all of them say something like "To really delve into Internet - you'll need a SLIP or PPP connection." Get the word out about SlipKnot.. cause they're dead wrong. I have a shell account and it's got everything most people could want. I can read newsgroups, send/receive email, use telnet/ftp, download files, and (with SlipKnot) browse the World Wide Web! To be honest.. what else is there?--Steve Crawford, MIS Manager for SpectraLink, Inc., Boulder, Colorado

I can use it with my dial-up and the price is certainly right--so I'm no longer lusting for a SLIP/PPP connection....If *I* can use this program so easily, anybody can.....--Kristi Olesen, author and parent

SlipKnot is simple to install, use and configure and wonderful in the sense that the wonders of the Internet are now truly available to me. As you can tell, I love this product. Thanks!--Tami Duggan, Commonwealth Clinical Systems, Inc., Virginia

Keep up the good work. You've got a winner.--Steven Pitzl

Real slick....In general,the look and feel of SlipKnot is well-integrated & tight....Very cool setup....After looking at many web browsers, I must say y'all have a very unique browser, with a gorgeous interface, well-thought out and tightly integrated. And smooth. SlipKnot. I'm certainly telling everyone I know about it....--Mark Garland, Civil Engineering Office, Santa Fe National Forest

Reviews from Usenet and mail to MicroMind

(E-mail addresses available on request)

Excellent software got it running with almost no problems. Congratulations.--Alan from United Kingdom

For a first release, Slipknot is amazing. It installed easily and worked first time.--Will from netcom

Overall, a really cool program, and quite clever.--SteveG from neosoft

This is exactly the program I've been searching for these past few months....While I loved the web browsing, I found I much preferred the Unix programs on my shell account. Now you've given me the best of both worlds. Thank you!--Nelia from netcom

I can't say whether it's better than Mozilla, TIA, etc., but it sure turns a shell account into a multimedia banquet!--Daniel Dern from world.std.com

Terrific work and a real contribution to the Internet community.--William from George Washington University

I've installed SlipKnot ... and if I could, I'd get right down on the floor and kiss your feet. This is without a doubt one of the most excellent software packages I've ever seen....Ironically enough, I was just about to get a SLIP/PPP account - seriously, I just requested it yesterday. I don't need it now. I'm a software engineer but normally don't get too excited about software...What you folks have done is what software should really be about.--Dave from mv

Solid as a rock.--Rajesh from Temple University

We are working on our Internet CD-ROM disc and would include your program as the user interface.--Stefan from Germany

A really neat program! Saves me time charges on my SLIP account.--Larry from netcom

Great Job Mr. Brooks ! well done!--Amir from Bremen University, Germany

You've done an amazing job, without requiring the usual add-ons. I have spent hours with SlipKnot in many Web adventures and love the ability to toggle it when I want it and to use 'trn' and 'lynx' (the latter for form searches and for fastest text-response) and pine. So I'll get a check in the mail this week. Absolutely no GPF's, and your keyboard unfreeze resolved my one freeze in terminal.--Andrys from netcom

One of the most exciting software programs I have seen lately.--Harald from Univ of Cincinnati

Bravo!! What can I say? Seems to be a very stable, and actually pretty quick little program.--Mark from Pipeline

Wow! I've been spreading the word about Slipknot--I don't know when I've been more impressed with software in terms of the ease of use. Thanks again. I really think you've got a winner on your hands.--Steve from netcom

It worked! This is fantastic! I'm registering my copy ASAP. NOW I can see what everyone's so excited about.--Chris from tenet.edu

I've been using your software for the past five days and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy using it. BTW, I sent in my registration/check--Warren from ncsc.mil

I think it's terrific, especially the ability to download WWW pages and group in folders for future reference off-line!--Deb from digex

I'm very happy with SlipKnot and am enjoying seeing for the first time what all the fuss is about regarding the WWW.--Phil from panix

This is so cool, you could get frostbite from it.--William from Denver

I want to roundly condemn you for making and distributing this program. It is so simple and easy to use, has so many useful functions and works so flawlessly that I will probably spend many more hours in front of my computer than I should :-). Anyway, thank you for a superb web browser. Give yourself a gold star.--Mark from netcom

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