SlipKnot tools, information and add-on programs

updated May 11, 1995

This page is currently in development.

As a service to the growing SlipKnot user community, we are designing this page to help each other find additional tools to make SlipKnot more useful.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of the software mentioned below, nor have we checked 100% compatibility with SlipKnot.

HTML Language information

HTML Authoring Software

HTML Writer

This is also a freeware HTML editor. Bob Nasdor, a SlipKnot user, mentions that you can edit its .INI file to make SlipKnot its test program.

Graphics Viewers

Lview Pro

Leonardo Loureiro, who kindly allowed all of us to use his LVIEW31 graphics viewer (packaged with SlipKnot), has a bigger brother of his free program. It is LView Pro (shareware, $30). You should be able to replace the freeware version inside SlipKnot using Configure/Viewers.

We are looking for your help.

If you know of any SlipKnot compatible tools -- like graphics viewers, animation viewers, alternate sound players, etc. that you know from experience are compatible with SlipKnot (installable in Configure/Viewers), please let us know.

We are also looking for HTML authoring tools whose output is compatible with SlipKnot.

We are particularly interested in freeware or shareware, rather than commercial software, downloadable by users from the Internet.

Please send your comments, descriptions, and links to:

-- Thanks.
Peter Brooks